Renée Scheltema

Renée is Founder & Supervisor of the Making of the Future Foundation, but she is not a board member. Her latest independent documentary Normal is Over stirred an unprecedented response from its audiences, helping people understand the impact we have on our changing world. In her film, she offers a variety of solutions in order to reconnect money to nature. She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer. Drs. Criminology, Leiden University. M.A.TV-Journalism & Photo-Journalism, University of California, Berkeley. USA.

Diederik van Dam

Country Manager the Netherlands at Social Seeder

Creating a community of ambassadors, in order to help companies build honest relationships on a personal level.

Specialties: Strategy, marketing, new business development, innovation.

Marjolein Baghuis

Marjolein supports organizations to profitably integrate sustainability into their strategy and communications. Catalyst for positive change at The Terrace and founder of Change in Context, an online platform for a more sustainable economy. Serves on the supervisory board of a regional library and on the board of the Nyenrode University alumni circle for sustainability.

Cor Hellingman

Cor is the co-founder of Hellingman Bunders lawyers, a law firm specialized in intellectual property, entertainment, sports and media law (among others). Cor has been involved with Renée’s ventures as a filmmaker for many years. Avid reader and philosopher.

Sjoerd Riedstra

Sjoerd is partner at Meeuwsen Ten Hoopen, an accountant and tax consultants firm. He is the Treasurer of several foundations in The Netherlands

Siebe Schootstra

Chief Editor ‘Energy and Media”
Senior advisor, Project manager and communication expert “Energy and Transition’, Netherlands.

Yasin Amani

Yasin’s MBA education at Nyenrode Business University inspired him to shift his professional attention by co-founding Heartbeat Strategy. He believes that companies are THE perfect agents to lead transformation. His mission is to activate companies to recognise both the responsibility they have for society (the Heart) as the economic drive for profitable business (the Beat).